The Doctor’s Advice: A Healthy-looking profile is an attractive one!


How's your online dating going? It's caught up to many, whatever age bracket, and even over-50s are now jostling each other to be noticed.You’d need an ace up your sleeve-- or maybe a doctor’s prescription?

While trying to get the hang of Online Dating and finding his match, Dr. Sameer Chaudhry discovered a breakthrough with his study on attraction. He and his friend, Khalid Khan came up with an approach based on evidence. Their findings? It’s all about profiling.

We already know this. But Dr. Chaudhry has specific tips:

1. It’s in knowing the gender differences

Who do you want to attract? Men? Women? Conscious or unconscious, men and women have tendencies to notice specific attributes and descriptions exclusive to their gender. It’s connected to their cognitive perceptions leading to a usual common type. For example, men are more attracted to women in red.


2. It’s all in how you identify, and how you want them to identify you

Your username is the name they’re going to use when chatting you. It’s how you’re first identified, so really think about this. There’s a craft in how you play with your name that signals interest. Like what was mentioned in 1., it varies depending on gender. Men are more inclined to take notice of physical attributes, while women swoon over intelligence. Names with adjectives like “blondie” or “cutie” for the guys. “Cultured” or any other clever add-ons gets the ladies. Also, the search engine favors names starting with the first half of the alphabet.


3. It’s in where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re with

It’s a subtle way of showing what you’re about when you add photos in your profile. Pictures of you in the middle of having fun with a group of friends is one good example. It says you’re easy to be with, people like you. Being in the center of an image depicts your place in social situations. Being in a photo with the opposite sex also gives an idea of what effect you have on a dating perspective.


4. It’s what you say and how you say it

You can always present yourself, your interests and hobbies in your bio creatively, though keeping in mind what your particular match would take notice of. You do this as authentically and true to yourself as you can while incorporating them. For men, it’s still around physical, so it’s doing yoga or going to the gym. Women like the sound of daring, brave, men who have it together on a bio.

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