The New Dating Age Prime: 6 Ways Dating at 50 is So Much Better


You are gorgeous, successful, and more put-together than you’ve ever been in your life. It’s become the best time ever to date for you.

Whoever said that the dating game ends after 30s doesn’t know a hoot about what they’re talking about. It used to be the norm that older men and women don’t always meet each other halfway when it comes to the age bracket, with men’s attention always going to younger women.

dating after 50

That belief is officially outdated by Hollywood Standards. Think Michelle Pfeiffer, Iman, Catherine Keener and Susan Lucci. The mature eligible bachelor knows it! Forget post mid-life crisis. A woman in her 50s has set foot on her prime.



1. You’re mature, you’ve “been there, done that”

Whether it’s from previous toxic relationship drama, dealing with your kids’ bickering or work related stress piling up, you’ve enough experience to know what and who to prioritize now. You know how to go about a situation; what to do, what not to do. You even have the grace to be a little adventurous with your decisions. You would definitely skip the preliminaries of a first date, going for what’s worthwhile.


2. You’re confident, you’re beautiful and whoever says otherwise just doesn’t have the wisdom yet.

Beauty is something you've already started to grasp by your own definition through the years. Confidence comes easier to you because you’ve seen yourself through high and low and came out in one piece.


3. You’re sexy and you know it

This goes with the maturity and the experience mentioned above You just know so much more now. You know what you want and how you want it. Contrary to to popular belief, the mature man doesn’t get intimidated by a strong, intelligent woman. In fact, he thinks confidence is sexy and a lot more fun keeping up with.


4. Nothing says perfection like sophistication

There’s that added regal prowess with the way a 50-something woman would carry herself in conversations. You damn well know what you’re talking about! From serious, in-depth talks about life to the fun trivial things that you know you would have in common. It’s a lot easier without seeming like you’re trying too hard. If you like a man, you like a man, and you can say so without coming off awkward.


5. It’s less pressure; freedom is everything, so try everything

Ever notice how 50-something is an underestimated age group, but one that doesn’t have much expectations attached to it when it comes to love? It’s a lot more liberating not having people badger you about “finding the right man” after the divorce, or to watch out for your biological clock. Here is where you really get to spread your wings and test them. There’s less judgment directed at you so the possibilities are endless. You can think of various activities for you and your dates and meet a lot of different people. You could afford the high standards too.


6. You know who you are and you love it, you embrace it.

The golden gift of aging is discovering who you are in the process. Women in their 50s and up could attest to associating beauty, self-worth and successes to embracing and accepting the bits and pieces of yourself that carried you through life. The love that is worth it would be ready to  welcome you, because at this point you are whole.