Mature Relationships: A Refresher on How You Know This Is It

Relationships can happen fast or build up slowly. The kind of relationship you’ll want to be in is a mature one (and we don’t mean age).


But how do you know if it’s the real thing? Sometimes any relationship can feel right when you let go and live in the moment. This is great, but it can also hinder you from realizing you’re actually in a bad relationship.

Dating is heady and dizzying. Especially if you come to it anew. Here’s a refresher on how you’ll know to differentiate a mature relationship from a blissful but bad one. Knowing what you shouldn’t compromise on is key.


1. You Don’t Want Someone Else

Seeing someone as the person you want to spend your life with and no one else is easy when you’re in a mature relationship. It leaves no room for cheating. Cheating hurts people, plain and simple. And it’s the exact opposite of building a mature relationship. Whether you’re dating or married, commit yourself to that person and no sneaking around with someone else.

Some people find it fun and interesting because of the thrill that they might get caught. It’s only fun until you are found out. Then the person you are dating gets hurt, and it’s all your fault. No excuse or apology in the world can make it better.

2. No Strings Attached

A mature relationship always entails honesty as well as genuine commitment. Obviously, you don’t want to get tangled up with someone who has a commitment to another person. Marriage may seem like just a sheet of paper, but it is still a lifetime contract between two people. If you are seeing a married person, the truth is they’re not going to choose you. It’s easy to think they will. Not only is that mentality unhealthy, it’s also not mature. Find someone who is available.


3. You Don’t Have to Pretend You’re Someone Else


When you’re dating someone, it may be easy to convince yourself that they’ll like you IF you are this and that. You can’t underestimate the importance of honesty in a mature relationship. Ask yourself: if you can’t act like yourself around someone, why would you want to be with them? No matter how hard you try to conceal it, they are going to find out. And what they’ll have are memories of someone who pretended to be a friend, a confidante and a trustworthy person. The trust is lost and so is the chance of having a great relationship. A mature relationship lets you be yourself and your partner still accepts you wholeheartedly.

4. You Don’t Have to Pretend What You Want

Sometimes, when a person sees someone who isn’t available, they’ll want to pursue him/her just because they can. It can come to the point of getting the couple to break up because he or she feels like doing so. They’ll date for a couple of weeks, then it’s over. The person who was in a relationship will be left with nothing. And the person who broke them up is already ready for the next.

Pretensions are never good for mature dating. Conversely, when you two have an argument, you will never be afraid to say what you want. There is an air of acceptance between you and your partner, and no petty or huge fight can take that away.

5. Friendship Isn’t Lost

Friendship is the best ingredient of a mature relationship. An endless exchange about minor daily encounters can spice up the mood of a conversation. When a relationship starts as platonic interaction, you’ll find it easier to bridge the barrier. You can talk about anything from ideas to gossips to philosophical topics.



In the end, it’s all about companionship.


It’s easy to date someone, but a mature relationship has more to it than merely dating. You and your partner both still have your independence and you respect that. You never have to lie about who you are and what you want. Relationships are hard enough with people who are in one just for the heck of it. A mature relationship makes you want to stay loyal and faithful without hurting yourself and your partner. It is a great feeling to have a relationship with someone you truly connect with.