7 No-Fail Tips on How to Meet Nice Men (or Women!)


How to meet nice men (or women!)--the jackpot question of the first steps toward dating. Where do you go to meet them? Where have they gone? Mature dating is filled with mishaps on younger men--don’t dismiss men your age yet. Your nice man could be right under your nose, that’s where!


Unless you have no problem with a fleeting romance, you don’t go to bars or pubs. You go where your soul delights--goes without saying that’s where your ‘soulmate’ would be, doesn’t it?

1. Facebook and Twitter: Your friends’ friends!

It’s the same as window shopping. Be more observant of your friends’ posts and Tweets. Who has such witty comments and RTs? Who’s funny? Who’s eye-catching? If he’s single, ask to be introduced. Or introduce yourself indirectly by commenting on the thread and addressing him. Facebook is easy this way: people interact like they’re in a room. You won’t know what will spark unless you try. After an interaction or two, ask your mutual friend to “suggest” you to each other (if this friend hasn’t already!). Or take the bull by the horns and add him as a friend yourself.

Because it’s social media, not a dating site, there’s no pressure or any ice. You’re simply making friends. In the safety of this circle, post about a little gathering, tell your friends to bring their friends, and invite yours, too, non-mutual ones. Everyone meets someone new, and it doesn’t have to be all matched. Make women friends--you just might surprise yourself at how well you become fond of a new gal pal, who, incidentally, have her own circle of male friends who became fond of your new friend for the same reasons you did! Happiness attracts men

2. Bookstores, vintage music stores, the museum, supermarkets, wine tasting--merchandise fairs--wherever tastes emerge

Make eye contact and smile (or raise your eyebrows, mouth ‘wow’, or maybe even look regretful you didn’t spot THAT copy first). What’s great with meeting men here is you already have a jumping-off point: something in common (church if it’s a church or charity fair, etc., your preferred onions, or your mutual amazement at the price of this or that, etc.,) or something thatf interests you anyway, like if he appears to be a cheese enthusiast and you only know parmesan, cheddar and the pizza cheeses.

This is how you meet nice men who are patient and enthusiastic, with a nice level of intellect and imagination.

3. Go places alone.

Speaking of stores and fairs, if you’re reading and sampling alone but apparently contentedly, you’ll likely attract men who want someone happy with themselves and by themselves. sweet romantic men go to weddings

A pack of women is hardly ever approached, and even two or three. But sit for a moment alone, enjoying the day, and you will invite your special man to you.

Remember, you’re in places where you’re surrounded by men of like minds--something that rarely happens in bars, unless it’s a themed one.

4. Popular places for the stomach

Many single men can cook for themselves. But just as many only know the microwave. Next time you’re in town, take note of which restaurants, bakeries, delis and pubs have their patronage. Visit them. Sit and enjoy. When there are queues outside, it’s so easy to strike up a conversation.

#5 below are also sources of sustenance--quite a lot of catered food tastes good, too!

5. Weddings

Only romantic men--or men who have strong family and friendship ties--go to weddings. Of course, some go to hunt for dates, too. And that's just how it goes, isn't it? For those older, it’s easy to find excuses group and solo sports might attract your manand be excused, but not for truly committed men who value their relationships with their family and friends, or simply those who enjoy weddings and all it represents.

Go. Drinks, food, lovely atmosphere, mutual friends-- everything is set up for a nice beginning for you and the nice man you’ll meet there!

6. Sports and fitness activities

Not the gym, but a group scenario where a match is played and fun is had along with some good-natured ribbing. Join a group run, or go solo and just run. Hike. Walk. Certain trails are quite populated, and regulars recognise each other sooner or later. Make eye contact, smile, and then level up to a challenge: Race you! Or ask a question: "Have you been...?"

You’ll get a reaction. And a new friend that could very well be a new date! Walking, hiking, golf, swimming-- all these solitary activities attract people to each other, especially when you radiate contentment and happiness for what you're doing.

Don't forget: exercise equals happy hormones that might lead to happy matches!

7. Right under your nose--all you have to do is try!

It could be your neighbour, or it could be your friend’s friend. You might already know him-- only he doesn’t seem to be your type. How would you know? If he asks you out, go. Or do it yourself and ask him.

Quite a lot of happy couples emerge from unlikely ones who gave it a chance, who ended up falling in love after the third or fourth date, or the very second date, if not the first!

Nice men are not dead and gone. They’re still around, waiting to be found.