Impotence Link: Soak Up Vitamin D, Gentlemen!



You know mature daters-- they look for companionship and excitement. Where did people get the notion anyway that over-50s no longer think about sex when this age range is in fact noted to be the most curious in its exploration of sensuality? You know Italy, the land of dreamy sun-kissed sand and sea, Poetto, Rimini, Otranto, Costa Rei, and oh, the lovers’ destination, the Amalfi Coast. These coast destinations also offer seafood and you know oysters and shellfish are well-known as aphrodisiacs, scientifically proven as food for the libido.

Coincidentally with this romantic tourism (though not intentionally, like how some true love happens upon the unsuspecting), Italian research has uncovered a connection between Vitamin D and erectile dysfunction (ED).

Out of 143 men (1-4-3! Ahem) with ED problems, nearly half have a Vitamin D deficiency. Less than 1 in 5 had adequate levels of the sunshine vitamin. Men with severe erectile dysfunction had 24% less Vitamin D levels than those with only a mild case.

Disbelieving? The report is right here. The research was conducted by Andrea Barassi, MD from the University of Milan in Italy. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) urges men with ED to have their Vitamin D levels analysed.

How does Vitamin D deficiency cause erectile dysfunction?

Inadequate levels of Vitamin D has been found likely to trigger the production of superoxide ions, free radicals that in turn deplete your nitric oxide, the molecule responsible for the healthy function of your blood vessels. We all know blood vessels are important for men.

Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels, giving room for the blood flow necessary for an erection. Without nitric acid, blood vessels are not relaxed, causing a narrow street--making it hard for men to get hard.

How to fix this?

If your testing confirms low levels of Vitamin D, vitamin supplements will be prescribed. Or simply absorb Vitamin D from the sun!

A few minutes’ exposure of your face, arms and legs in high summer is enough to give you adequate levels of Vitamin D. Good for your bones! Er, all kinds of bones.

Will it help in the prevention or delay of ED?

Research is still ongoing for that. Don’t burn yourself in the sun. There’s still skin cancer to consider, and it’s much more painful than an occasional ego kick.

And remember, impotence in bed isn’t impotence in love. Experiment. Explore. Excite each other. Understanding and love prevails.

Other causes of erectile dysfunction:

Unfortunately for over-50s, this age is also typically connected to health conditions connected to erectile dysfunction, like vascular diseases. It's interesting to note that up to 57% of men aged 41-60 have impotence, but this number drops to 19% for those aged 61+. (Image from Health Express)

Does that relate to health of mind and body? Do men in their forties improve their vascular and overall health as they move onward to 60? In any and all cases, it needs medical attention, because it can be a symptom of blockage in the arteries, diabetes, and even nerve diseases like multiple sclerosis. According to statistics, only 33% of men with cases of erectile dysfunction seek help and advice. It's one of the worst for them, a source of shame and humiliation they'd rather not share with anyone else. Experiencing ED 20% of the time is not cause for concern. Any more than that and it needs checking.

Erectile dysfunction, often the butt of jokes, is a cause of deep unhappiness and a severe damage to men's self-esteem. Men lashing out or withdrawing because of the latter, is what causes strain in relationships. Get help. And go out in the sun!